Friday, April 18, 2008

Crossing Over Acrylic 16" x 20"

This is the first painting I did after my husband passed away. I had not planned on the figure in the front of the boat to resemble him, but while in the midst of painting, I realized that I had painted him. He always loved the sea and was a commercial fisherman when he was young. The boat is headed to safer waters away from the breakers and deep water beyond them. As I painted, all this became symbolic of my husband's journey from life into the peaceful waters of eternal life. I painted the figure rowing the boat golden - in my mind - Bill's guardian angel bringing him home to God. It is interesting how painting a subject - two men in a boat - can be such a catharsis in times of grief.

Original is in the private collection of the artist. Giclees are available at Fine Art America link.

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